vitamins for innovation

is your innovation on track?

​Your company or organization is determined to innovate.
Your concepts are excellent, your team talented, your technology disruptive, your know-how valuable. But…
The button is right under your finger but you don't know how hard to push.
Implementing, industrializing and selling your innovation is tougher than expected.
Your offer is already on the market but sales are too low or not profitable enough.
Your projects are late or above budget.
Prioritizing your many projects is difficult.

innotelos | vitamins for innovation (Grenoble)

what does innotelos provide?

We seek, together with you, the customized vitamin cocktail fitting your situation.
vitamins V for Value chains
Find & reach profitable customers, structure your market channels, imagine partnerships, develop prescription...
 vitamins P for agile Projects
Taking advantage of your team imagination and self-organization, improve reliability & performance of your projects, welcome uncertainty with agility...
 vitamins E for Efficiency
Increase profitability of your price list, control all your costs, optimize your investments, segment your offer taking into account your customers & accesses, improve your positioning…

Then we support your team to implement this dedicated vitamin cocktail.

innotelos | vitamins for innovation (Grenoble)


No coaching, just vitamins:
vitamin E for Expertise & Experience 2 x 35 years of passion and actions for innovation
vitamin U for Understanding of your offers, company, team, customers, environment, constraints...
vitamin M for Multi multi-skill, multi-cultural, multi-national, multi-generation…
vitamin S for Smiles

 eager to discover your own vitamin cocktail?
please contact Anne & Didier

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Didier Lebouc - agility and innovation - innotelos | vitamins for innovation (Grenoble)
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innotelos | vitamins for innovation
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