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Anne Munchenbach and Didier Lebouc founders of innotelos | vitamins for innovation (Grenoble - Lyon - Geneva)Anne Munchenbach and Didier Lebouc created, in 2017 in Grenoble, innotelos.

They have an international field experience of 35 years in innovative product development, strategy, agile project management, marketing, business development and leadership.

innotelos supports innovating companies and organizations in their quest for profitable customers and reliable project delivery.

Instead of standardized consulting or coaching, innotelos proposes vitamins i.e. customized actions build with its clients and fitting their particular situation:
 innovation and business strategy
 serious games, conferences & trainings
 agility and project management
 industrialization, reshoring and cost reduction
 agile and lean healthcare

 videos about innovation, project management and agility (in French)

Anne Munchenbach - strategy, innovation et industry - innotelos | vitamins for innovation (Grenoble - Lyon - Genève)
Anne Munchenbach
06 08 28 95 48
+33 608 289 548
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Didier Lebouc - innovation, agility, scrum and industrialization - innotelos | vitamines pour l'innovation (Grenoble - Lyon - Genève)
Didier Lebouc
06 60 56 82 60
+33 660 568 260
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16 rue Boucher de Perthes
38000 Grenoble, France
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