vitamins for innovation

is your innovation on track?

Your concepts are excellent, your technology disruptive, your know-how valuable.
You don’t know how to prioritize your many projects.
Implementing, industrializing and selling your innovation is tougher than expected.
Your product, your solution is already on the market but sales are too low or not profitable enough.
Despite a talented team, your projects are late or above budget.

innotelos - vitamins for innovation (image stevepb / Pixabay)

what can we do together?

We collaborate to explore the ecosystem of your innovation and move from complexity to intelligibility.
We look for the most appropriate value chain in order to find profitable customers & put it in place.
We build up technology, manufacturing or commercial partnerships.
We boost cooperation, motivation and collective self-confidence within your team.
We create a mix of actions to fulfill your specific needs.

innotelos - vitamins for innovation (image pxhere)


Vitamin E for Expertise & Experience, project management and launch of innovative products & software
Vitamin S for Strategy for sustainable profitability
Vitamin A for Agility, taking advantage of uncertainty, team imagination and motivation within the particular context of your projects
Vitamin P for Partnerships and alliances, the best way to accelerate business & innovation
Vitamin M for Multi, multi-skill, multi-cultural, multi-national, multi-generation…

innotelos : build up cooperation between your team and your customers, suppliers & ecosystem

innotelos - vitamins for innovation (image Gellinger / Pixabay)

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